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The temporary employment market in the UK is worth £44bn with over 736,520 people under this employment category. In the past businesses tended to use recruitment agencies for temp workers which typically charge 10-25%, or, do the recruitment themselves which can be equally costly and time-consuming. 

Worker Bee is on a mission to disrupt the traditional agency model, and is aiming to offer a platform that provides value, but also speed, transparency and geographical reach. The plan is to also offer a host of features to help employers make the right hiring decision and keep recruitment costs low. 

We have now launched a crowdfunding campaign, which allows us to cover the operational cost we need to fund building the system, but also allows you to be part of the business and how we are going to change the recruitment industry forever.  

We have partnered up with Crowdcube one of the worlds leading crowdfunders to achieve our goal to raise the funds we need. 

To get a slice of the very delicious pie we are cooking up click the link below to take you to our campaign and to find more details: 


Thank you from everyone at Worker Bee 

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