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Why Use Worker Bee?

At Worker Bee we believe in creating better solutions for recruiting talented people on a temporary basis and helping unemployed workers get back to work, building their skills and education.


There’s no way around it, employers need great people. The problem is, this can be time consuming, expensive, and sometimes untrustworthy. 


Worker Bee has changed the way temporary recruitment is done, putting employers in control of who they employ without the hassle, cost, and uncertainty of who is turning up to work and what their skills and strengths are. 


The average recruitment agency will charge an employer 10% to 25% of a workers hourly wage, making recruitment agencies sometimes too expensive to use. 

Worker Bee charges the minimum cost price of a worker making Worker Bee the most cost effective recruitment solution today. We make our money in other ways such as ad revenue. 


In comparison with your average recruitment agent charging 20% for a worker on an 8 hour shift, paying the national minimum wage. 


Worker Bee provides substantial saving of £17.58 per worker, per 8 hour shift!


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