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How To Use The Worker Bee App

Our technology connects Employers and Workers for mutual benefit on demand. Here’s how the app works:

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Step 1

An Employer opens the app

The Employer enters the role they have available; reviews each option, Duration of Work including Starting Date and Time, How much Per Hour They will Pay, and Brief Details of the Role; they then confirm.

Step 2

Workers Confirm they are available and apply

Nearby Workers see and choose to accept the Employers request. The Employer is automatically notified when the desired number of workers is met.

Step 3

Employers Select out of the Workers who applied

Employer Selects out of the Worker applicants who they want for the role and a confirmation is sent to the worker with the address, date and time they need to attend.

Step 4

Worker Arrives and Starts 

Worker arrives at the designated time, and commences the work they have been assigned. Once finished both employer and worker confirm the work has been done. Payment is automatically taken and a Paid Invoice is sent to the employer.

Step 5

The Employer and Worker leave ratings and reviews

At the end of each job, Employers and Workers can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Employers also have the option to give the Worker reviews and a financial tip directly into the app.

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